Dear Future Husband,

Dear future husband, I want you to know that you have a strong woman by your side. Although I am strong, I have my flaws and I am broken in more than one way, but I am not in need of saving, fixing or being put back together. Appreciate me for my flaws and strengths, … Continue reading Dear Future Husband,

thank u, next

Without a doubt this is a very catchy song and the message behind it really resinates with me. As someone who has had several relationships throughout the years, this song really made me think about the lessons I have learned from each relationship. Although there were heartbreaks, cheating, and lying, I walked away as a … Continue reading thank u, next

Dear self,

Dear self, Your heart is pure gold. You know what you deserve and you should never settle for anything less. Never allow and ever give anyone the power to make you feel like you are asking for too much. You have your standards, you know the kind of love you give and you know what … Continue reading Dear self,