Another Angel in Heaven

Some days we just think of our good fortune; never thinking about what got us there. We must always take into consideration those who stood behind us and helped mold our character. All these reflections may come to our mind when someone we knew had passed away.

Tears and sadness are the obvious emotion that fill the air and environment when events like this come to happen. Although it may cause us pain we must also be grateful that another angel has finished their suffering on this cruel land. Tears can either be caused be regret, guilt, sadness and/or good memories. 

I always remember how my mom tells me, “Do whatever you can while a person is alive, because they are gone there is no going back in time to start over or do more.” It’s true once a person is gone no matter how many tears or flowers we by it won’t change the fact of how we were to that person nor will it bring them back.

Like the saying goes, “live life to its fullest because we only have one.” so “make each day count” (Jack from Titanic). 

Always remember the good moments, talks and laughs shared. Forget the arguments and fights. Because when your day comes what would you want others to remember you for?

Just remember another soul has gone to be with God in heaven to help protect and guide us.

Love is stronger than death.



2 thoughts on “Another Angel in Heaven

  1. Mr. Littwin says:

    I do like the poetry…however, remember the number 1 rule…show me, don’t tell me. Create images for the reader, it is different then telling a narrative.

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