When you realize you’re a senior

From the first day you walk into high school, all you can think of is senior year.

But when it comes around and its your turn to “run the school, it’s not as exciting. Well at least not for me is it. So far it’s been a mixture of emotions. Yes, of course there is the excitement of being the leaders in school and taking control as well as getting first pick on most things. But then come the moment when homework is not all that you have to worry about but also the college papers. 

College is now sinking in! In less then a year I will be an adult. I will not have my high school teachers to remind me when to hand things in. I won’t have the same friends since 4th grade. I won’t be in the familiar school building. Now it doesn’t sound as fun. But then again it’s my new chance to start over and begin a new chapter in life, in which I have the control over. Coming to think of it, it’s better to take this new chapter head on! So college here I come.

College essays, resumes, letter of recommendations,SAT’s and much more to look after. NYU CALI has prepared me for this.So ready or not College life here I go. About to plan the next four years of my life. 

Fingers crossed that I get into my top choices:

1. Princeton University because it will challenge me in everyway and will be a whole new experience in a new environment as well at state. The programs are so great and it will definitely get me to where I want to be years from now.
2. New York University because it’s just the best from the dorms to the food to the campus to the professors. This summer just made me realize how at home I feel there.
3. Hofstra University because it’s close enough to home, I’ll be able to attend church regularly and basically for the fantastic journalism program and their radio.
4. Stony Brook University because of the journalism school, the amazing faculty, the well-rounded curriculum and above all the NEWSROOM!

So I’ll just have to wait to see what school chooses me.


One thought on “When you realize you’re a senior

  1. Mr. Littwin says:

    Any of the three will be lucky to have you! Furthermore, I am very impressed with your first attempts at a site. Maybe I smell a project for my class coming!

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