High School Years

Many tend to recall their high school experience through their academics, the teachers, peers, the typical football games, and the unusual things that many do during the wild and careless teenage years. Sitting here on my pink covered bed, I sit and come to think of my high school experience and what I will use to define it. I guess I would have to say that I will remember my high school mainly through the changes I went through not just from an old torn down and brown and green tiles building but how I changed as a person and student.

We all have those things we regret doing as a teen. I remember freshman year because of how often I would be in the principle’s office. At the time I did not take into consideration the fighting and suspension would have on my record. Now, as I am going through my college application process I feel silly and even regretful for having got into fights and having to express it now.

I remember sophomore year because of my mother. That year I just remember how hard it was on us after my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer the day she gave birth to my youngest sister. Luckily it was treatable and was only at stage 2. Although it was my mother who went through the chemotherapies, as a family we all felt it. School was not on the top of my list instead I had to invest my time in caring for my baby sister and other sisters as well as my mom. That was the year I had to grow up not by choice but because I had to. It was that year that I learned to keep my emotions in and not show it. I was not as soft as I use to be instead I learned to build a barrier between my tears and my cheeks. I had to stay strong and reassure my little sisters that everything was going to be okay. I remember crying myself to sleep at night because of the agony I would see my mother endure.

Junior year can be summed up as my best academic year and figuring out about myself. Academically I was trying my best and just challenging myself more. I also discovered what career I would go into :journalism. I returned to my writing. I came to learn that I was no longer the careless and wild girl I was in Jr. high and freshman year. I began to realize that soon I would be out in the real world and in college and that I had to clean up my act.

And finally, the year we all wait for since freshman year : senior year! Along with senior year comes the seniorities. Here’s on legend that I have come to realize is not true at all : senior year is the easiest! Oh boy is that far from the truth. The late nights staying up trying to finish up all the school assignments and on top of that the college applications and scholarships too. So here I am realizing that I have no choice but to set aside and put on hold that famous senioritis. Between positions, classwork, project and other responsibilities a girl needs a time a breath! Time management is something I am learning.

So as senior year continues I have come to a conclusion that these are the best years of my life that will never return. No matter how immature, irresponsible and silly we are, we will have grown into mini adults by senior year.


2 thoughts on “High School Years

  1. A friend says:

    You’re an ok writer.. You make silly grammar mistakes. Learn to play with words a little & you’ll get way better. Try reading advance books and look at the language. Learn the difference between their & there. I’ve read a couple of things & you might have potential. Expand your vocab. To be a better writer you must read.

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