This time last year

This time last year

Sometime I tend to look back on my Facebook and read my post from this time last year just to rekindle with the memories. Something’s I might forget but I’ll remember the emotions when paired up with the faces. In just one year things can change so much. My ‘bestfriemd’, since I came to the United States, was still in my life but now I have found out who my real friends are and those that were not. This time last year I was looking forward to this time of year, when my 18th birthday was right around the corner. Now that I am at the place I wanted to be I just wish I could turn back time and now have so much on my plate. This time last year I thought I knew what I wanted and maybe for that time I did but now that feeling of uncertainty and confusion is what takes over my thoughts. It’s so hard to believe that things just change so much in just a year. One can only see the change when we look back on 12 months that have passed not when looking at the previous day. Everything was so different.


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