Mistakes make us human

Mistakes make us human

Sometimes as much as we try to be a good person we can sometimes let our guard down and make some mistakes. But no one is perfect even if others make you out to be this perfect pure image of a person. It’s not easy. And sometimes it’s by mistakes that we learn. People aren’t good for there good deeds or bad for their bad actions, everyone is human. Mistakes are bound to happen. We may disappoint other but it much worse when you disappoint yourself.


2 thoughts on “Mistakes make us human

  1. Cindy G. says:

    Never knew you had a blog. I’m very happy to be reading all of your posts. Indeed no one is perfect we all make mistakes and it is human. The best we can do is live out lives the way we believe so. You can never please anyone or live your life for another person. Never aloe yourself to lose your identity.

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