“The sky is your limit” is the motto by which I have lived.
So what is a dreamer? A dreamer is a person who lives life based on their dreams/deep desires rather realistic or idealistic.

I recollect coming into this county when I was four. I never knew that it would be so hard just to adjust to this new culture and environment. I was finally able to understood and have a simple conversation until about the 3rd grade. Being the first in my family to even get to go to elementary school, I was the main source of translation for my parents. Can you imagine a 3rd grader translating at a doctor or firm with basic Spanish? Hard to do, yes! But I got the sense that if I was able to come that much further than my parents I should take it another step and do all I can to set the bar high for my 3 younger sisters. Coming for a household where only my father works and both only having a 2nd grade education, the bumps along the road to success were already clear. But regardless of that I understood my purpose for coming into this country and my role as the older sister.

Elementary maybe easy to many but my path was hard, having no one to rely on for help. Reading and writing were the hardest for me because I would not comprehend the lesson taught whereas math you just follow. It was until 4th grade and coming into another town where the minority made up the population that I felt more comfortable with my ability. Although there is a negative stigma about Roosevelt with outsiders already expecting poor decisions and actions from the students I knew that it was just another stereotype that I needed to prove wrong.

I have always felt that if you want to see a change why not be that change that you want to see. I was not going to sit back and settle for what was expected of a Latina young woman from Roosevelt. I wanted to show those that will come behind that there is more to this world than what we see walking t school. I knew I would not be the smartest or most equipped to take it a step higher. But why not? There was nothing to lose if I challenged myself. You come to realize your full potential as a student when teachers see something in you and push you harder even if you feel like they want too much but it will all pay off.

In my senior year now I look back on my educational path to getting to this point. From learning to read to write to passing regents to taking AP’s to getting ready for college, I see the change and growth in me as a person and as a students. I was not always this focused straight A student, I was side tracked in middle and freshman year of high school but now I have set my priorities straight. I have been every kind of possible student that there is but I have learned myself now. I now see that all those late nights of studying and doing homework or projects do pay off. I am not the smartest but I have come to improve as I come to see the bigger picture and what I want to leave behind for my younger sisters and my community.

As unusual as it is to hear myself say that I am glad that I did not have it easy I truly believe that I was able to gain more from my educational career so much because I worked hard for what I wanted. I believe that if I came from a well -educated family my outlook and experience would have been much different. The fact that not so much of expected makes me what to prove that the standards should be levitated.

Going through the college process I was sure that I was not going to apply to the usual colleges that everyone in my school settles for, I wanted to just go for it and apply to some of the top schools. It was not that I felt I was better, I just want to prove that Roosevelt students are worthy of some other private schools. Although the schools are competitive to get into with such high standards but you just never know something might make you stand out.

Recently, I was communicated that Princeton University wanted an interview with me! A star that seems too far to reach. But the sky is your limit. Even if my chances of getting accepted are 1 in a million, the experience of an interview with an Ivy League school will be great!


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