That thing we call love

What is that thing that we all call “love” as a teenager?


As we go through our adolescent years our meaning of love tends to vary. Growing up we recollect on the days when mom and dad were all we knew as love. As we went through school and interacting with peers our emotional feelings awaken and crushes began. That is what I would classify as like not love but at a young age we tend to fall in love with the whole idea of love. Love is a gift that does not only refer to intimate relationships but also friendship. Love is based on maturity and understanding the mutual boundaries and level of respect. So when do you know it is love? You’ll just know and come to understand the level of comfort ability and mutual understanding.  Love does not always come easy because sometimes it many come at the wrong time and other times there may be obstacles but what is meant to be will find its’ way. Love is too precious and rare to toss around at every person we meet.




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