Graduate of 2013.

Graduate of  2013.

One step closer to graduating high school. It’s been a long tough road but it’s almost another chapter of life that I am closing. Class of 2013 ♥ Seen myself change from freshmen year to now, some for the GOOD some for the worst but I have learned who true friends are, what success is really about and over all what makes me happy. From fights, to suspensions, to almost getting kicked out to now having my Advanced Regents Diploma, first in my family to graduate high school and go onto college, to being in the top 3% of myself, and soon college. So future here I come, do not wear I will be this fall or 4 years from now but I sure hope to make my parents proud. No matter how bad people may say Roosevelt is I say it’s the best place to grow and learn who you are. I know Roosevelt has taught me some valuable lessons that I will take with me no matter where I go. RHS it’s just a few more months before I say Good bye but I will always come back and encourage those that follow behind me because no matter where you graduate from even if it’s Roosevelt High School, we are all a Success Story in the making ♥


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