Those ‘What if?’

Those 'What if?'

Sometimes when I sit down I find myself looking out the window not realizing it at the moment, all the what if’s that then start to cross my mind. I look at where I am now and think a few months back when I was dreaming and wanting something different for this time.

What if I had done this?
What if I had said this?
What if I was with her/him?
What if I was …?

It may not be that I regret my choices or getting to where I am now, it’s just that sometimes it would have been pleasant to experience the what if and having done the contrary of what I did. Sometimes I wonder and think: what if I just missed out on something or someone that could have changed my life? What if I just ruined it all? What if I just lost myself? What if I said this different or spoke instead of staying quiet? What if I was not even here?

At the end up the day we are where we are supposed to be right? So then why is it that sometimes you dwell on the what if making you rethink if your choices were right because if they were right why would I be thinking about the what if’s?

What ifs are all those second thoughts and choices that could have been. What could have been will never be because those chances maybe far gone.


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