Silent Strength

Silent Strength

Have you ever heard of a silent cry? This oxymoron seems just appropriate as a weak strength or in other words as a soft strength.

Water in its character and simplicity can be liquid or solid or even vapor which makes it seem less simple but more complex in its work with chemistry. Water is an essential part of life not just for us but the role it plays in the construction of our planet Earth. Water can be seen as such an insignificant matter because it seems to us as such a small mix that we can’t even get e grasp of physically. No matter how weak or less we think water may be when it comes to natural disasters we see the true intensity and power of water. Water is weak in the fact that it simply slips through our fingers but when we come to think the unseen strength of water is that a ship that is even tons of pounds like the Titanic needs water to lift it up. Not so weak after all right?

Wouldn’t it be astounding if we saw ourselves as water? With the unhidden strength? With the uncovered intensity of our love, care and passion?

What to ourselves may seem as a weakness, at some point in our lives we will come across someone who sees our weakness as strength that they may be lacking in. We never truly know the intensity of ourselves and what we have to give until the time comes and we have no choice but to reach deep within ourselves to pull out all we have.

You never know when you can be someone’s rock through a rough time while still being a shoulder to lean on. One can be very nice, easy going, and humble but when it is needed the true strength that lies within a person will come out.


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