The Strongest

The Strongest

We all smile. We all hurt. But it takes someone really strong to smile through the pain.
All we see is the outside; what a person is willing to show. You never know the pain behind a frown or even a smile. Sometimes people feel as though it is better to smile so no one will ask if everything is okay because we know it is not but we don’t want it to control us.

When a heart breaks it does not break evenly. There comes pain with that break. But it takes someone strong to love again and looks beyond theprevious flaws. Love is nothing but a risk but it is better to be strong then to always be afraid.

We never know what goes on in someone’s life. We never know what a person does behind closed doors. Sometimes the happiest people are those that cry their eyes to sleep night after night.

We never know the struggle a person is facing because from what we see everything is okay. We all have battles we fight whether it is physically, personally, emotionally or mentally. We never know what our friend, brother, sister; mother, teacher, or spouse is facing within themselves. The hardest battles to fight are the ones you face on your own and no one can help.


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