We all have more than we know

We all have more than we know

Sometime we complain how the things we do have in life are not as we pictured or wanted it to be. Most of the times when we want something more in life it may not even be that we need it. We always find ourselves asking for more not because we are selfish but because it is part of human nature to want more.

But we never stop and think about the things we have. The air we breath, the roof over our heads, the clothes in out clothes and the people we have in out lives we all take for granted. Now step back away from the life you have been given and from the blessings you have… how would life be with out all this?

We may not even be able to imagine that.

But think about it, someone out there is one their knees praying and even wishing on a shooting star that they could have some of the simplest things in life such as a friend, family, a roof over their head, some bread, some food and just something to call their own, that you already have.
We may not understand how blessed we truly are until we see the world and how we have it better than someone else even if we are not living in a mansion but we do have a warm place to stay at night and call home when some people have never known what that is or feels like.

Just be thankful for what you have.


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