School Kills Creativity

School kills education

Being that education is such a big part of the American life as well as other societies, we think that it is the best but through this videos we see that it may not be the best for everyone.
The school system in America may detain someone from fulfilling their talent because it may be some type of art which is seen as less than other โ€œrealโ€ talents like in in the mathematics or science.


5 thoughts on “School Kills Creativity

  1. mishunderstood says:

    What a great video! I believe that early childhood education has already met the needs of the “whole” child, promoting and encouraging creativity, expression, etc. That is the theory we use here in Canadian day cares and preschools. If the school systems adapted the same theory and continued this path, our children would benefit in a big way.

    • glendasnch says:

      That is awesome, through that kind of theory children will grow up learning that talents is talent no matter what and that regardless of what is seen as a “real” job only one can define it for oneself. Children should be loved and appreciated for their uniqueness and creativity rather than just repetition of what is taught by teacher instead children and students in general should take the knowledge given by teachers and mold their own opinions and meanings. Completely agreed with all you have said. I applaud you!

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