To whom much is given, much is required

These are the words that I have heard day in and day out. Where I am right now was not where I saw myself last year or a month ago. I am molding into the bird that will conquer the world and my dreams.

New Opportunities At Hofstra University. An “academic boot-camp” but is far beyond just that. It is a life changing summer program that teaches you love, unity, respect, discipline, pain, commitment, history and just opens your eyes to things you could never see before.

17 people. 17 stories. 5 weeks. One summer. ONE.
We are more than half way into the program. It has not been the easiest but has been unforgettable. Rules are rules but some get the reason behind them but other’s do not. Rules are made not to be broken. A unit created to stay together no matter what. A brotherhood and sisterhood that can not be torn apart. It is incredible how much you can get to know a person in such a short time, yet feeling like you have known them forever.


Long days with 5 classes and 5 hours of study hours were all worth it. It is not about the work, but about the bond that has been formed through the hard-work of everyone. Only we will understand what we went through. long days and longer nights which seminar nights that taught life.  



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