Starting off college right



Last Friday, August 9th 2013, was the day I graduated from the NOAH summer academy. Looking back at it now, I remember how on the first day it seemed as though it would be impossible. I mean what teenager does not feel like life is over when they can not have their phone and other electronics to communicate with the world. I really thought I could not survive without social media which just comes to show how dependent 21st century children and teens feel. But I made it; 5 weeks with no communication with the universe. 

5 weeks. Seems like the whole summer is just gone. But in all actuality, those 5 weeks were not filled with just school work but life lessons and lifelong friends. I learned so much about myself and my abilities as a person and as a student. I was able to meet new amazing people, that in their own little way have impacted and changed my life. 

As for the schoolwork, I am proud to say that through all the 4-5 study hours a day, it comes to show that 15 weeks of work compressed into the 5 weeks is possible. Not only is it possible to get the work done but also to get a 4.0.  It is now my goal to keep it that way until I graduate 4 years from now. 

College was something that I first did not believe was a place for me to succeed in, but through the NOAH summer academy I can know take on this new chapter in my life and  welcome it with open arms. 

“If there is no struggle there is no progress.” -Frederick Douglas (1895) : The Motto of Project NOAH, Hofstra University


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