Most of the times when we want to go after something or someone, it is not someone else who is making us doubt; it is our fear. Our fear of not being enough or always seeking perfection, is what will hold us back from our dreams. Sometimes in life we will not meet the picture we have set out for ourselves, and just because we fall short from our “picture perfect life” we give up and settle for what we have. Imperfection, we define what is not perfect, according to our standards. Don’t ever let someone else tell you what “perfect” is or looks like, or what is “enough”. We all know what we think these words means but the funny thing is what we see as imperfection or not enough is actually the enough and perfect life in someone else’s life. People who are less fortunate than us would not complain about these “imperfections” or not being “enough”. We create this fear because we do not want to “fail” at life. 


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