#CollegeLife : The Freshman Year


So it is now my time to go to college. With just two days of class under my belt, I can already tell that college is all an experience from the academic aspect to one’s personal life with friends and classmates. High school is nothing like college. It is now all up to me if I continue on and grow as a student and individual so that one day the knowledge passed down to me can help society. 

Just like any other freshman in any college, it is pretty scary that we are now on our own and the world is on our shoulder. This is a journey that only I can take for myself. 

It was no joke when the upperclassmen say that one gets use to functioning on no sleep. It is only day two, and from the look of it, with the syllabuses, sleep will become a rarity. With 7 classes this semester, I can already see that my days will be packed with work. Learning is definitely a never ending process. I am more than excited to learn more about the world and everything in it.

College is now a new chapter opening in my life. Thankfully, I have some close friends to take on this journey with which makes it less intimidating. I am now a grown up, an independent young woman in charge of my future. I am open minded to what this college experience will be like. I am now able to find out more about myself and start fresh without the immaturity and nonsense that came with high school.  I am ready for the work, no sleep and exploring the world and its knowledge. 




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