Growing Up

There come’s a time in your life in which you realize that is truly does not matter how many friends you have or how people look at you. As I come to love myself and mature, I come to understand, that as long as I love myself, it does not matter what other people define me as. I remember a time in my life, just a few years ago, where I had so many friends, and now that I am in college I come to realize that it is not the quantity that matters but rather the quality. This is how I come to value friendships more and to understand that I only new a few real friends who will motivate me and work with me through our common goals, rather than being liked by everyones and calling everyone my ‘friend’ when they are only people who use me to know my life.

Friends in the 21st century, is a different definition than in the decades that past. Nowadays, everyone is a friends, I am not saying that there is something wrong with that, but the value of a friendship had shifted from a profound connection of trust and loyalty to one that is determined by social media and texts. 



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