Give a Damn


Today I had the honor of watching a film about 3 young men who decided to go through a journey to find a way to change the world. Poverty is an international problem. Although everyone is aware of it, only a small percentage of people feel that it is their job to do something about it or to even care. Like one of the guys said that the wester world are living so comfortably that it is truly hard to actually know what poverty is. Through the journey, these three young man hitch hiker to some parts in the United States, in which they were able to sleep with and live with, even for a couple of days, with those who are homeless and living in poverty in our own states. Their journey continued into Europe, to get to their final destination of the slums in Africa. The journey was very successful in which they were able to gain so much from this experience, but it was said to see how two of the people involved in the film lost their lives, and two others were badly hurt although they recovered. This project took them 5 years to make, going through 15 countries. The only way to really go through and witness this journey is to watch the documentary for yourself. <a href="

Give A Damn? New Trailer from Speak Up Productions on Vimeo.

” title=”GIve a Damn: The Documentary”>


After watching the documentary, it was amazing to see these three guys before me and interacting with the students and a question and answering format. It was amazing to see how they were to different as for the personalities, but they came together. It was also inspiring to see how down to earth and humble they are about it. Although to them they feel as though they did not do much by just making a dream of their’s come true, but as a result it has now inspired me to take action on problems that are effecting the world. As a human being on this planet, it is my duty to help those near and far from me.


Give A Damn? New Trailer from Speak Up Productions on Vimeo.

The last thing that I saw on the screen as the documentary came to an end were : WHAT BREAKS YOUR HEART? WHAT MAKES YOU COME ALIVE?
If were to internally find an answer to this question then we have found a way to make a change in the world whether it be a huge impact or small. We all have a purpose on this earth, and in order to find our purpose we must think of how we can incorporate our talents into an instrument to help a cause. Once we know what breaks our heart or what we want to change, then we know that there is world left for us as individuals to do. Who says one person can’t change the world when clearly one can.


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