#5: The Top Ten Rules That Children Learn in School That May Handicap Their Future: #5


If you’re a parent or adult or teacher or perhaps all three. then you have probably already realized what it is that will wear kids out, and their chance for a bright and happy future,  faster than just simply growing older, just like it has most probably worn you out. The rules! And the fact that in adulthood where kids are going and where you’ve been, there are no rules.

The 5th rule that children learn in school that may handicap their future…

5. Play fair and follow the rules. Habitually following rules in the adult world will show other adults that you take no initiative and can be easily led. Playing fair will be a handicap that will also demonstrate that you are non-competitive. Rules are for the unimaginative followers of the world who like to remain “Inside the box.”

Rule #6?…To be continued…

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