“Procrastination is the THIEF of time”


“Procrastination is the thief of time” is a quote that every student should reflect upon. Procrastination is something that students, regardless of the age or institution, are so well aware of. It is fair to say that everyone has, does or will procrastinate at one time or another. This quote means that when one leaves an assignment or work until last minute, ones does not gain time by waiting until last minute instead one is wasting the time they have to today by putting things off to last minute. This quote is an advice to people who tend to put things off instead of using their time wisely. This quote to me means that time is too precious to waste the time we have and are given now and instead of not using our time the right way we are letting it go to waste. As a student, procrastination is something I am too familiar with but it is something that I am trying to avoid as much as I can.


Through my educational career so far, there has been instances in which I procrastinated. I use to procrastinate a lot until my senior when I realized that time was too precious to waste. During my senior in high school, time management was something I had to work on. For example, when an essay was assigned 3 weeks in advance about a book I was reading in class like The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne or Macbeth by William Shakespeare I would put it off until the week it was due. It is funny how teacher seem to always have a meeting and assign everything for the same day. My media teacher would make articles and videos due the same say as the paper. Also, a soccer game seemed to always be the day before, so I would go home exhausted trying to start and finish up all the assignments due. What was I doing those 2 weeks before the week I had everything due? Now that I think of it, I do not remember, which is how I know that it was not important or irrevalvent to school work. That was the first month of school. But after that, once I had to start applying to colleges/universities and scholarship, keep up with activities in church, soccer games and practices, schoolwork and chores, I had to learn how to manage my time wisely. Although I was not procrastinating as much, I would leave most of my college applications and scholarships for the weekend forgetting that I had laundry to do, go teach during Sunday school, be ushering during the services and soccer practice. Now that I look back at my senior year, I would waste time watching my favorite shows like The Voice, Scandal, and Pretty Little Liars because I really thought I had free time instead of getting my actual work done. Sunday night would be the worst nights for me because I would end up staying up until 3-4 am trying to get everything done before the school week would begin.

Now that I am in college, procrastination is something I still find myself doing every now and then but definitely not as often. Studying is something I really procrastinate about. Instead of beginning to study the day I learn the material I wait until the night before or minutes for the test to study, which is a bad habit of mines. As I begin to get use to this new schedule in college, I am learning how long it takes me to study and do my homework for each class but sometimes I get ahead of myself and put some assignment off for last minute. This is where procrastination is the thief if time because I loose some hours to just laying around, napping, watching television or walking around the mall. Sometimes I really think I have time like that to do sit around and do nothing but I really do not, there is always something to do. If I am really done with my work then I should be doing work do next week because more assignment will be assigned the next day. Why not use my “free” time and get ahead and then I could possible enjoy some free time. Why wait until last minute and rush to get things done when one could use time wisely and not rush to finish as assignment. Sometimes the best work if done when one takes their time and begins early instead if waiting until last minute and staying up extra hours that you could have slept?


We are given 24 hours each day and what we decide to do with those 24 hours cannot be done over. If we waste one hour just sitting around instead of doing an assignment due that week, we do not get that time back. Instead of putting things off until last, it is better to get it done today while you have the time instead of rushing to get things done. 


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