“Doubt Is Often The Beginning Of Wisdom”



When I think about wisdom, doubt it not something that comes to mind but when I really think of it, I now see the correlation. The quote, “doubt it often the beginning of wisdom” means that when you questions one learns more, which helps or makes someone smarter. I completely agree with this quote because in order to become wiser, one must learn more which I believe is done when you question or have doubts. As I go through life, I have learned more when I have my doubts and get my questions answered.

I believe that when a student is not sure about something especially in the classroom, the student will not learn anything if they do not ask the questions. When questions or doubts cross a person’s mind, nothing is learned if the questions are not asked or doubts are clarified. When I do not understand something or doubt what the professor or what a person has said, I always look it up or ask after class. After asking and getting an answer, I have then learned something new and become a bit wiser. For example, in high school when my English teacher would say that an object symbolized something else, like in the Scarlet Letters, with the rose outside the jail represent Hester Prynne. When my teacher said that, for some reason I was not certain about that, I was doubting, so I asked him to explain it and I was better able to understand the subliminal meanings which helps me in the long run when analyzing symbols in all books I read for classes. I am now able to fully understand it and help others understand. If I had not doubted and got clarification, I would not understand symbolism or understood the meaning of Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter.


            Sometimes I think that doubting just makes you feel unconfident about yourself or your knowledge but sometimes I have found through personal experience that it is better to doubt, get things clarified and I gain more knowledge or wisdom that way. 


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