“Excuses are the tools of the weak and incompetent used to build monuments of nothingness and those who specialize in their uses seldom succeed in anything else” is a quote that I keep in mind every time that I want to validate a fault of mines. This quote means that people who are so used to using excuses are weak because they cannot take responsibility for their faults. At the end of the day these people who always use excuses never truly succeed in anything and only use excuses to get through life. When it comes to academics students tend to use excuses to validate their faults. I completely agree with this quote because excuses are something that I am not fond of and try my best to avoid using.


            Excuses are reasons that people tend to give as to why they did not do the task. I really dislike excuses in the academic atmosphere because professors clearly tell students what is expected of them and if a student does not understand then it is up to the student to meet with the professor for further explanation. When a student is unclear as to what is expected of them there truly is not reason or excuse as to why the task if not complete; professors are always available one way or another to speak with students one on one. I believe that there are some excuses that are valid such as a family emergency or an emergency of some sort that truly prevented the student from completing the task but these reasons should be told to the professor as soon as they occur. Students tend to use excuses and let the professor know the day that the assignment is used which in my open is not correct. If a student knows that they would not have the task completed on time, they should have notified the professor time in advance.


            Students are not the only ones that use excuses. Everyone has used excuses in an academic atmosphere or even at work or even to friends and family. As humans we try to validate our reasons as to why we do not complete a task or make it on time to avoid problems or having to deal with the consequences. I think that it is better to be honest. There are some professors who do listen to students’ excuse and let it slide more than just once but I think that lets students get in a bad habit that they will continue with into the real world where it is unacceptable. Once someone is in the real world, excuses are not valid and can get employers fired. I really appreciate those professors who do not listen to students excuse as to why the assignment is not completed or printed because professors do let us know days in advance or are even written down in the syllabus for students to prepare ahead of time.


            Excuses hinder people from becoming successful. People who get through life with excuses build success off of nothing and at the end of the day cannot become successful. Excuses are not the tools that successful people use to get to where they are. Excuses are for those who want things easy and take the easy road through life or success never truly comprehending that one should be held responsible. 


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