2013: In Review

With just a few days left in 2013, I have to sit back and reflect on one of the most amazing and life changing years in my short life so far. 2013 was a year of growing up and going through alot of changes. 2013 was a year of learning many lessons and achieving more than I had every imaged and just proving people wrong. 2013 was the year I learned who I truly was, what I am passionate about, how much I have to offer and that I do not give myself enough credit. In 2013 I learned to grow up. 2013 showed alot of people true color. 2013 was the year I learn alot about how people and how the world works. With all the good and bad memories of 2013, I must say that if I could do 2013 all over again, I would not change anything because I believe everything happens for a reason even if I do not understand it. I lost several friends but made several true friends. I learned about love and friendship. 2013 a year of BLESSINGS, CHANGE, and LEARNING TO LIVE AND LOVE LIFE AND ALL THOSE IN IT. 

2014: bring it on, I am ready to take you on.Image


2013. A year to remember. During 2013 I learned to let go of people and things even if it was where my heart was, but the memories already made will always stay with me no matter how much time passes; memories that do not go away by erasing them from a memory card. Some choices are hard to make but once made there is no turning back. Love is love no matter what. Love is stronger than anything and can take on anything. During 2013 I learned how much I was capable of: I learned that I had a passion for politics and of course writing. I learned that I am not that good at writing as I thought I was. I graduated from Roosevelt High School as Salutatorian of my class with an advanced regents diploma. I also had the honor of receiving several scholarships and awards. My proudest moment was having the honor of being the first in the Roosevelt school district to be a Gates Millennium Scholar and being the first in my family to graduate high school. Before graduation I went to prom, even though I had not planned on it. Thanks to a team of amazing women (WOI) I was able to feel like a beautiful princess for a day. That day would not have been possible without them. 


After graduation, during the summer, I was part of a summer academic bootcamp in which I learned alot about myself and my NOAH family. I learned that “if there is no struggle there is no progress”. I learned to be patient and follow some rules. I learned that Hofstra was not for me but I was brought into the NOAH family for a reason. I learned to survive on little to sleep and still managed to get a 4.0, which I now know I can do anything I set my mind to. I was able to become close and create great friendships with a handful of my ‘brothers and sisters’. 


After the summer bootcamp, college life became my life. Hofstra was not at all what I thought it would be like. The work was easy it was just alot of it. I learned that high school prepared me very well with the amount of work and the content of the work. I did however, have some rough moments that I had to overcome like petty drama that was a waste of time and friendship, but I learned that I was more mature than that and got my priorities straight. I learned that I was not in college to party like some of my peers, but rather using college as a way to network and build a strong foundation for success. There were some times in which I had a little too much fun, but at the end of the day it was worth it. I took on 2 amazing internships that have allowed me to learn alot about politics. I am not determined to be a Senator. I have met the standards that I had set for myself. Finishing my first semester, I now know how much I can handle and how to balance time for fun, love, work and schoolwork. 


Through it all the same people remain by my side rather it be physically, emotionally, through texts and calls. No matter where life may take me, I will remain the same. Ready for 2014. 






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