Do What Makes You Happy

Decisions, decisions, and more decisions. It seems as the years go by and the older that we become that choices are all that we have to make. 



There are tough choices that need to be made in life. Some decisions are so tough that we loose ourselves in the process and forget what would make us happy. Sometime we may put other people’s happiness over our own and end up living with the decision which ultimately keeps us from being happy. 

Happiness is something that we strive for. Happiness has a different meaning to everyone. Happiness can be money to materials to smiles to family and friends, whatever it may be it makes life worthwhile. 



No matter where we go in life or who we are with and what we decide to do in life, we must always remember that if we decide to do or be with who makes us happy, we will never have doubts but just move on with life instead of constantly looking back. 

Sometimes we must forget what other people want for us and from us or how our choices may hurt others. It is okay to be selfish at times because if you are not happy or do what makes you happy no one else will know or do it for you. 


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