Fear is Freedom…




There are things in life that make us scared and become fearful, but what if the things that scared us the most are what gives us the most freedom? Sometime it is hard to think of fear as freedom, but sometime we are scared to make choices or do something because we are afraid of doing what we want. Sometimes there are things, people, or choices in life that we want from the bottom of the heart, but we become fearful of any downfall of the choice, person or doing something as a “mistake”. But are we are actually just afraid of doing what we want, being with who we truly want and choosing something outside the norm. Sometimes we are scared of the things and people that will liberate us. 


2 thoughts on “Fear is Freedom…

  1. mishunderstood says:

    There is so much truth in this. It really comes down to taking risks. We never know what a change will bring us, but I think if we long to take the risk, it is probably worth taking. Sometimes we just have to follow our hearts.
    Good post!

    • glendasnch says:

      Exactly! Risks can be frightening but when it comes down to it, it is what we truly want and desire no matter how scary it may be. Sometime we want to play it safe and come up with a logical decision, but sometimes we really just need to sit back and follow our hearts and not think to hard about things.
      Thank you!

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