Never Stop Dreaming




In life and in the dictionary, dreams vary with their definition and what they bring into our lives, but in the end dreams are what keep us alive. A dream, a thought, a desire: something that keeps our soul alive and wanting to get up every morning. Some dreams are just meant to be dreams while others are meant to become a reality. 

Some dreams are so crazy and out of this world that only you can believe it ,because you are the one that thought of it, but others (with short vision) may see it as just a dream, something that will never be brought to life.

From a very young age until the day we die, we learn that dreams are worth having no matter how big the dream may seem. Once we are on our death bed, there is no returning to the young days where the world seemed to be in our hands, so why waste the time we have on anything but making dreams more than just a dream. We have 24 hours to make what we want possible, why waste it. 


Dreams are meant to be worked on and not  just left to be a thought. 



No matter how impossible a dream may seem, go for it. Dreams keep us alive. If we have no dreams or something to work towards, what is life? why live? why breath? Everyone is born with a purpose or dream to make happen no matter how small the purpose or dream may seem, but your dream is one that was destined just for you and no one else. 



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