Right V. Easy

There are times in life when choices needed to be made. As humans it is part of our nature to pick what is most convenient for us instead of the correct decision. 


Some choices in life can be life changing, which we may not be ready for. Therefore, we unconsciously forget what the right choice is or where are heart is truly because we are scared  of changing everything that we are used to. 

When stuck in between choices we tend to make a “good and bad list” in which the bad outweighs the good, therefore picking the easy way out, forgetting that what we truly want is just a risk. 

Right is what we believe is “right”, but we let other people’s version of “right” to overcome our personal idea of right. As much as we want to define things for ourselves, we cannot deny that other people’s thought and opinions do make their way into our decision making. 

Easy is what we see as most convenient, not always what we believe is right. Sometime situations and choices are so hard that we just want it to be over so we think in the moment and decide on what will work short-term. 

What is right may not always be easy and what is easy may not be right. 



One thought on “Right V. Easy

  1. jeremystormsky says:

    I wish I could reply to every post you’ve put up because I agree with then all so much and you write then so well. Just keep up the good work and keep doing you, it’s simply beautiful to read 🙂

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