Before. Now. Soon.

There’s this thing about growing that is frightening yet thrilling to go through. It’s a journey that just happens without you even knowing. There is no warning or book of instructions as to how life will be as you transition from high school to college and then into the real world. The older you get the more you see and understand the people and world around you. From this day on, nothing will get easier, it will however become much more complex and blurry. When you stop and think about it, this day last year you were in a whole different place and mentality than you are today. 

When you were 5 years old, what did you see yourself doing at the age you are now? 

If you are at all like me, I had such big dreams and aspirations for my older and future self. I must that I have to even become a bit like the person I hoped and envisioned myself being at this age. I remember always telling myself that once I got to college I would begin my journey of helping and changing the world, but I have come to see that I still have many more years to go take under my belt in order to begin to leave my footprint on this earth. Although, thinking back to the age of dreams, I must say that those little dreams will remain in the back of your mind when stop and reflect on life so far.

There are days when you are able to take a break from this hectic world and busy life that we lead, and it is during that down time or 5 minutes of silence that we are able to acknowledge just how life has changed for us. We look back and think about how we used to view life and think of things such as love, friendship, happiness and success and come to conclude that as time, people, and experiences pass us by, come and go, that the idea and definitions of such aspects become much simpler to define. 

Once we look at the years passed we come to either one of two thoughts: hope for the days and years to come or simply disenchantment with whats to come. Depending on how life has treated us to know is what we use to determine are how we look at what is soon to come. No matter how life has detoured from the path that we had originally envisioned or drawn out before use, it is never too late to change that. I know that may sound cliche, but in reality our past should not define or hold us down, better yet it should serve as another chapter we closed in order to move forward and write the remaining chapters of our lives that way that we want it. Life is life, and it is never perfect and was never intended for it to be perfect. Life becomes defined by how we react to the bad time. We truly are in a way in control as to how life will turn out for us from this day on. We cannot change the days that have passed, we can only learn, accept it and look forward. 





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