There’s this thing about relationships that you come to realize as you maturely slowly but surely. When we look back at past relationships, we can all see the bad and good that we contributed to it. Sometimes, we come to realize that we open up too much to the other person and sooner or later come to realize that somewhere along the way you lost yourself. It isn’t until you step out, and look at the whole picture from a different perspective that we come to realize that we did too much or too little for the other person.

Relationships are supposed to be 50/50, but it’s difficult to get that balance.

As the years go by, and you date different people, you come to learn more about yourself through each person.

I know it may be cliche to say this, but sometimes people do take others for granted and do not appreciate who they have until they have pushed the person so far away that they come to realize it once it is too late.

Each person on this planet has a lot to offer. There are times when we do so much for the wrong person for too long, that you just can’t imagine how much more you can do and give of yourself to the right person.

Relationships are not for everyone.


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