Education is Freedom.

Education is freedom.

While sitting in class, I began to think about the days when I was in ESL  and then reflecting on how far I have come. As an immigrant to this country, I have faced my shares of struggles, but I can say to this day that  NOTHING has stopped me from achieving all my educational goals.

Education is freedom.

Many probably don’t understand why I take my classes and grades so serious, but I do it for me and not for a high GPA. I love to learn and my mind is so curious and hungry for knowledge that sometimes reading is all I do. I remember how much I use to hate reading but loved writing, now my vigor is quiet the opposite.

Education is freedom.

I really hate to see how some of my peers and friends, are satisfied with just getting by or barely passing their tests and classes in general. I think that because I am an immigrant, my parents have instilled in me the power of education. Ever since I would remember, I loved learning no matter how much time I would need to spend on fully comprehending the material.

Education is freedom.

I have come to understand that I have been blessed with the opportunity to get a college education, while there are many others who can only dream of having this opportunity, which is why I take complete advantage of this learning environment.

Education is freedom.

Education is truly freedom. It isn’t until you open a book, read the words,  and actually comprehend the ideas and arguments that you rest your mind of the many questions and curiosity that consume the mind. Free your mind of questions through thorough research. Education is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power is freedom. Education is freedom.

Education is freedom, when you shape your own arguments, and defend your stance. Education is not simply reading the words and taking the author’s argument as complete truth.

Education is freedom when your able to shape your own ideas, thoughts, and arguments.


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