A sentiment, emotion, and sympathy for another. Seems as those these days humanity has lost it’s touch with compassion.

It is crazy to think that we are all part of one race (the human race) despite our different in socio-economics, education, and walk of life. Have you ever found yourself so perplexed by how many people there are in this world? Each and every one of us plays an important role. As I walked through Time Square and Penn Station last night, in one of the most diverse cities in the world, I came to reflect.

We each have a role that we play in our personal life rather it be family life, friendships, relationships, business etc. We have all been raised in our own little bubble. Sometimes it is hard to think and remember that the world does not revolve around our lives. If you ever walk through a busy street or area, rather it be in your small hometown, on your college campus, in your workplace, in a church or just about anywhere were there are people, you come to see only the surface of the person. We all smile and grin as we walk past one another, but have you ever thought to stop and ask, “Hey are you okay? Do you need anything? Can I help you with something?”

Most people just go on about their lives.

We have been brought up in a society where everyone is in it for himself or herself. Selflessness, compassion, and the ability to care about a complete stranger are things that we do not see nowadays. We walk past homeless people. We walk past people who are dealing with hardships. And at times it is hard for us, as humans, to step outside ourselves and truly reflect on our lives. We have a bad day, and we just complain never realizing that our worst moment, minute, hour, or day is actually someone else’s entire life or even worse. It is hard for us to think that someone else is struggling more than we are.

As the decades pass and as we have seen recent years, globalization and the advancement in technologies has allowed us to speak and connect to people across the globe. Globalization and technology has allowed us to be informed of the hardships and atrocities that people on the other side of the globe face. NGO’s and non-profit organizations have been created to help those across the globe, but have you ever looked around in your own life? Our own friends, relatives, and people we associate with on the regular basis are also dealing with problems. We do not need to go half way across the globe or to a third world country to show compassion, love, or care for our fellow human brother or sister.

Compassion. Love. Caring. Selflessness.

Qualities that society and the whole human race need in order to progress and end the injustices and atrocities that different people are facing in different parts of the world.

One person cannot change the world, but in your own little world you can definitely help change someone’s life. It doesn’t have to be in such a big way but listening to that friend that is crying, being a shoulder to cry on, buying a meal to a homeless person, or even mentoring, will in way help someone.

We are all so worried about financial gains and being successful, that we sometimes forget our responsibilities to those behind us. Wherever you go in life, no matter how successful, rich or famous you can become always know that those behind you are watching. We are all blessed in different ways rather it economically, educationally, philosophically, etc. do not forget to reach back and bring someone else up with you. We do not need to gain everything in the world. We should always extend a helping hand.


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