Women are God’s gift to this earth. From the beginning of time women were always needed. Although treated as a second class citizen we have always made our impact.

The kind of woman I strive to be is one that strong, dynamic, intellectual, independent and complex in her simplicity.

The strength that a women embodies is one like no other. Although men may be physically stronger than women, women live a different kind of strength. Women are mentally and emotionally strong in such a way that they deal with and overcome a lot. I want to be one of those women that is strong in many aspects. I want be be the kind of woman that is strong willed, strong minded, and strong enough to conquer all my obstacles. 

There is this special beauty that I think of when I think of a dynamic woman. The kind of woman that is ever changing, progressing and not simply encompassing one side of herseld. I want to be the kind of woman that is constantly changing and bettering herself in many aspects through the journey of discovery and establishing herself. 
Intellectual is what I aim to be. Many are satisfied or aim to be smart. However, the difference between smart and intellectual is that smart is understanding complex ideas. Being intellectual, on the other hand, is one who understands, acknowledges, thinks critically and proposes and produces a solution to a problem. I want to be an active mind in a society that encourages or promotes passive learning. I have been given the tools to obtain knowledge, so it is my duty to put it to use. 

We have moved on from the times when women were solely dependent on men, a time where men were the head of the house and women would be submissive to men. There’s this elegance I see in a woman being able to handle the world on her own. I want to be the kind of woman that has goals and dreams and goes out and makes it happen. I want to be the kind of woman that does not need approval of a man. I want to be able to do what I can, should and wish to do for myself and not have to depend on anyone else whether is be financially, spiritually, mentality, or materialistic. 

Just as a piece of artwork has its beauty in the detail, a women should be a simple image that captures the audiences attention through her details. I personally think that there is an admirable quality in a woman that does not seek attention but rather is simple in her ways but once you get to know her you come to realize that although she may seem simple there is a complexity to her. A certain type of complexity that you see different aspects of her through the angle in which you see her. A complex soul from outside in and inside out. There is nothing simple about her. 

Growing up and as we go through life, us females, are bombarded with thoughts of images and messages of what a woman should be. From talk to skinny to fashionable to a mother. The thing I like about the age we are living in is that women are beginning to break those limits and expectations that society has set for them. Women are now, as they have also in the past, conquering the world.

Progress has come along in the last decades with rights and advancement with the empowerment of women but there is still a long way to go.

There are many kinds women in this world and you may encounter all types, but never make the mistake of thinking that they are all the each. Each woman is her own art piece and its up audience has their own interpretation. 


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