For granted. 

We wake up.

Go through our day.

Go back to bed.

This is our routine, although the in betweens may change, but it’s essentially all the same thing day in and day out.
But do we really take the time to appreciate what each minute and hour that our day consists of? 

We walk past the trees, flowers, squirrels etc. 

We breathe.

We walk.

We eat.

We talk.
All these things may seems so insignificant. But we never realize that there are people who can’t experience the simplest activities of our daily life such as waking up, seeing another day, and taking a new breath.
This reality to some people may seem as not living to us. 
We take so many things for granted.
As humans I think that we take the simple act of waking up another day for granted. We make so many plans for the day to come and put things off for tomorrow, never realizing that people die in their sleep or won’t even make it to bed time. You never know when your last moment will be. The idea of tomorrow should not be taking for granted but rather taken as a possibility. 
Breath in.

Breath out.

Take a deep breath.
So simple, yet there are people who sadly have to depend on a breathing machine to make it another second. There are also people who have to wear a mask to keep the pollution in the air from causing health problems. 
Not only do we take nature and the biological processes that our body go through for granted, but we take others for granted. 









All those we love and interact with on the daily or make plans on reconnecting with in the near or future we take for granted. We don’t notice the little physical changes that they go through. We don’t notice the change in moods and ideas. We simple see them as we once did. We take their personalities, attitudes, and vibes for granted. We don’t realize that life happens and they can be taken. We don’t take the time to check in on them and make sure they are alright or if they need anything. We assume everything is okay. 
We take things for granted.
We mainly take life and it’s beauty for granted.

We need to learn to appreciate the small things in life in order to realize that we have what we need and more. 



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