I remember when I first realized the passion that I had for writing, I had a purpose and goal with it. Although my other goals and visions have changed quiet a bit since junior year in high school, it is still a part of me. Being that English is my second language, writing grammatically correct has always been a challenge for me. But that does not stop me. I love to write. I have so many ideas, plans, theories, and just random thoughts that go through my head on the daily. 

Poetry, in my opinion, is the most beautiful transparent art that there is. Thinking back ti middle school, poetry was my life. That is definitely something that I want to get back into. I created this blog with the purpose of just putting my thoughts out there instead of just keeping them written in my notebooks, Notes in my phone or just floating around in my mind. 

 One of my life goals with writing has been that I want to write a book. The book would be named “The People of This World”. The purpose of this book would be to allow the readers to get to know the stories of other people in this world rather the person is from across the stress, across the country or across the globe. I have the goal of traveling the world, meeting people from all walks of life and from all place, and immersing myself in as many cultures as possible. Through my travel around the world I want to ask those individuals that I encounter the following questions:

1. What is the biggest lesson you have learned in life?

2. If you could give the world a piece of advice what would it be?

3.What is happiness to you?

4. What has been your biggest accomplishment?

5. What is your philosophy to life?
 With most of the people I surround myself with, I ask those 5 questions at one point or another. I think that those questions will give us an idea of who they are, how they see life and the kind of life they have lived. 

I think that more often than not we focus on the distance and differences between us and not taking the time to realize that we all walk on the same earth, breath the same air, see the same sun, moon, stars, and clouds. I think its really disappointing that as a civilization on this earth we go about our lives in our own little bubble worrying about our own lives and not realizing that there is more to this world than your the bubble you know. I sternly believe that there is so much we can learn and progress as a society if we took the time to get the know the stories and lives of our neighbors (not just next door but across the globe).



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