There’s this idea that everyone lives with that keeps their hopes of finding love alive. This idea that there is someone out there that was created specifically for them. A person that will awaken your soul in a way that no one else has or even can. The person that will make all the heartbreaks and mistakes worth having. Everyone has this idea of their soulmate being their perfect fit. 
A soulmate is expected to walk in peacefully into your life but I don’t think that it’ll be a peaceful arrival. The whole notion of it being different and on another level, will make me personally cautious of accepting it. 
My idea of a soulmate is not quiet that of a fairytale. My idea of a soulmate is that that person that will walk into my life and serve as a mirror. An awakening. The one who will make me question things, change my reality, tear down my walls and make me face all that I have been scared of. My soulmate will my best friend before anything, my love, my everything. My soulmate will get to know me, all the different sides of me and accept me for who I am. 
I will be able to share every part of me, every story, every memory, every dream and every scar that makes me who I am. My soulmate will be that person who I can talk to for hours, never get bored and I know I would not be judged. My soulmate will be that person who will vibe with me on a mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical level or beyond.

Dead Soulmate, 

Whenever you come, the timing will be right. You are my once in a lifetime. I won’t know what hit me when our paths cross so be patient with me. Accept me, love me, and most importantly inspire me. I promise to respect you, accept you, motivate you, inspire you and care for you I every sense of the word. 


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