Cold Summer Breeze

One of the most satisfying yet terrifying things to do is to allow myself to feel. To feel what’s around me; to embrace what’s goes and comes within my proximity.
And on this afternoon it was exciting yet different to embrace everything that came with the breeze. For each breathe I took within that breeze, overcame my body with an unfamiliar feeling of home. 
Home with its structure of walls that contained me and made me feel safe, but now I had a new sense of home. A home of freedom. My home in that moment was not made of four walls, but invisible walls from the outside. I felt safe yet vulnerable to the world. Safe for I knew that I could decide how to make the most of the afternoon, yet the freedom to allow the afternoon to make something for me and of me in that moment. 
I felt a freedom to allow my mind, body and soul to run its course. A freedom to let go and be in my truest form. No holding back, just letting go of anything holding me down. A home that allows me to have control yet feel as though nothing around was because and for me. For the moment, that breeze created me. Created this new sense of freedom. 
There’s something about a cold breeze on a summer that fills the skin with goosebumps. Maybe its the oxymoron of the mental expectations of a hot, dry summer night but instead feelings a cool breeze from an autumn evening. Confusing the mind of what it is feeling and questioning the expectations. 
If only you allowed yourself to let the breeze go through your body and take you (mentally and physically) as its goes through the trees and feel it pass through everything around you.


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