Rainbow and Stars

When your day is over and you lay in bed to reflect on another day you have lived, what comes to mind?

Do you remember how hard it was to wake up? How tired you felt at 12 noon? How your meals tasted? If what you ate satisfied your hungry? or the dreaded commute to and from work?  or do you think about the person that walked by you with a smile? or the person that held the door for you? or the random text you got today from an old friend simply asking how you were doing?


When it comes to looking at our daily life we tend to remember the negative and stressful moments. I think it is just part of human nature to automatically remember bad moments in the day. We tend to overlook the little things that happen in our day that make us smile for a minute and make us appreciate the life we live.


Finding things to smile about can be hard. Life is not easy. There are times when it becomes much easier to only recognize the bad in life and in people. But finding those moments that make us smile and feel alive can become rare but there is always something to smile about no matter how bad things may seem.


How do we come to find the rainbows on rainy days and stars in our darkest moments?

The answer is not simple, if it were you would never come across people who dread being alive or think that life is just filled with downfalls and discomfort.

Finding rainbows and stars requires a mind and soul that wants to experience living. A kind of life that appreciated the little moments of sun rays. A kind of life that only those that feel there is a purpose to their existence will understand the meaning of living for a reason.

Finding a purpose or reason to keep pushing forward when all the clouds seem to be following you can be hard and may seem nearly impossible. There are times we come across in life where everything is going wrong. One thing after the other, nothing goes our way or seems to be working for your benefit. However, if we walk around with such a defeated mindset, that energy we put out is what we will get. That is not living.

Even in our darkest hour we can think of something or someone that keeps us wanting to push forward. Even those small things in life that may seem insignificant can somehow pump blood through our veins and push us to live. We cant overlook the simple things in life just because there are bad moments that take over our mind.

Notice the smiles. Notice the birds. Notice people. Notice the blessings. Notice the breeze that embraces us. Notice the rainbows on rainy days. Notice the stars on dark nights.




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