Back to writing

It has been quiet awhile since I have written anything for fun. Yes, of course I still write but now it is mainly for academic purposes. But a part of me does not feel complete as I have let go of a big part of me: my passion for writing.

Since coming to college, I have become so occupied with academics and preparing for the future that I forgot to stay in the now. I stay in the now by writing. Writing has always been my way of staying sane and staying in touch with myself.

As I come back to my journey of writing, I want to make a promise to myself that I will try to write at least twice a week no matter how busy life may get. I know this semester coming up will be hectic but I want to write. The time I will take for writing will serve as some “me time”. We all need some “me time.

Although my writing may not be the best, I know that I have stories and thoughts to share that will help someone out in ways I could not even image. In my short life of 22 years on this earth I have been through a lot, seen many things, and so on that will allow me to write for others.

We all have a story to share.

We just have to embrace it. Then share it.

You never know what your words, thoughts, feelings, etc. can do for someone else.


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