Some may say that there is a honeymoon phase to relationships. We presume this to be true once arguments become more frequent. No relationship is perfect and as cliche as it may sound, but I have come to learn that communication is key.

In essence the person you are with should also be your (best) friend. In this case there should be no problem to talk about anything and everything. There is no doubt that some things may hurt or offend the other person but it is healthier to talk it out than to hold on to feelings and thoughts that make you feel sad, mad, resentful, hurt or any unpleasant feeling. 

Without communication there is no relationship. 

Without communication there is no foundation to a relationship.

From my past (and event current relationship) I still argue that the three most important things to making a relationship work are

1. Honesty

2. Trust

3. Commitment 

Although there are other factors to the making and maintaining of a healthy and successful relationship, these are my top 3.

I put honesty before anything because if you really love or want to be with someone (thinking long term) there should be no room for little white lies, lies or hiding things. I personally, rather be hurt by the truth then kept around to an illusion that turns out to be a lie. If someone is able to lie or withhold something from you, then that is not the person for you. In a relationship both people should be able to feel beyond comfortable sharing anything no matter how the other person will feel. Honesty is truly the best policy. 

Truer comes second because it goes hand in hand with honesty. Nowadays trust is an art that has been lost among relationships and even friendships. People prefer to be selfish then to remember that some of the things they do can really hur another. If you cannot trust the other person, then there is no basis to a relationship. You should not feel that the other person is doing something wrong simply because they are not in your presence or because you do no know where they are or because you do not know who the are with. You should be able to be calm and stress free anytime you are apart. 

Commitment is hard to find nowadays. Everyone seems to be in it for the now and not for the long run. It’s not the old school love anymore. Everyone seems to be in it for what you give them and what you can bring to their lives now and not committed to seeing and building for the potential that together two people hold. Relationships have become one sided. 
Relationships are not for everyone or at least relationships are not for everyone at every stage in life. Some need to learn about themselves. Some need to mature. Others need to stop being selfish. Others need to value themselves and realize that the love they can give may not always be appreciated or reciprocated. 

When going into relationships it is important to know your worth, what you bring to the table and the kind of love you can give and deserve to get. Never feel as though you are asking for too much. The right person will never make you feel that way. We all have expectations coming into relationships but don’t set the bar too high and end up dissappoimted. 

Don’t forget how beautiful relationships and love can be when given genuinely. It’s one of the most beautiful things to experience when the love given is also reciprocated. It’s amazing to think that there is someone out there for everyone. Just seeing the person smile makes all the hard times worth it. It’s not easy but if it’s something you want you won’t give up on it. 


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