Life Lesson #1

One of my favorit things to do is smile. Even when I am feeling down or they may be no reason to smile or giggle, I will still smile. Why? Because if I don’t need that smile for myself someone else may need it. Always smile at others, you never know what your smile is doing fo someone else.
Even when I’m feeling down I smile. Happiness is a mental state and it’s the kind of mental state I want to make constant so I’ll smile often if not always because it will eventually become real to me. 
Yes, some days are bad and I may not smile, but it’s always good to find something to smile or giggle about. 
I think that being happy has so much power but that power comes from within. 
Although at times it may be hard to find something good in the day or life, it could really be worse. Your battle may be someone else’s entire war. 
Happiness can hard to find but if we change our mindset to one in which we can acknowledge our blessings we become more grateful and find the smallest things in our day that will make us happy. 


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