Life Lesson #2 

Life is too short. 

The second tattoo I got, over four years ago, during my first semester at Hofstra University, reminds me daily of what life is.

During my sophomore year in high school my mother was diagnosed with an advanced stage of beeast cancer and through her diagnosis, treatment, and recovery I was able to realize that life is too short

It’s crazy to think that I needed something like that to make me realize the meaning of life. That year was by far that most impactful year in my life thus far. I learned abiut life. I learned abiut love. I learned about myself.

Throughout that year I was able to learn that life is too short to do anything but be happy, love unconditionally, be grateful for everything and everyone and that I don’t instead on wasting any time.

Watching my mom I’m so much pain after each session with the chemo therapy, I realize the strength that my mom had. She never let my sister and I see he cry. The moment I will never forget, was when my mom lost her hair. As she combed through her thick long hair she saw that her hair was on th comb. As she continued to comb through her hair she was left with less and less until she had none. It all happened so fast. I think it was in that moment that she and I both realized th severity of it. My mom has always been one that prided herself and taught us to love and care for our hair. Hair. Something to small. But seeing my moms face and the tears in her eyes, made me understand the little things that I took for granted. I realized how much hair meant to my mom and how I should care for my hair.

In that moment I realized how I took such simple things as granted. From that moment on I learned to lov and appreciate everything bout myself.

There was one night I will never forget. It was a day or two after one of her chemo sessions. She laid on the couch. I could tell by the face she made that she was I’m too much pain. She didn’t say anything. I would hold her hand and sit next to her asking her is she needed anything. She would respond. I part of me thought she was dead. But holding her hand, I knew she wasn’t. She didn’t move, speak or anything. I just sat there. I reflected on my life and my behavior towards her all those years. I know I was not the easiest daughter to deal with or raise. I know I hurt my mom many times before to the point that I made her cry with my actions and words. In that moment I knew that I needed my mother. As much as I went through my rebellious phase of thinking my parents didn’t understand or love me I realized that there’s was no love like my mothers. No matter how many headaches and heartaches I put her through, she was always there.

Since that moment, I take no day day or person for granted. I really thought I was going to loose my mother that day. Since that day I make sure to say good night and I love III to anyone thay I hold dear to me because you never know what can happen during the night sleep.

We tend to take days for granted.

We tend to take our life for granted.

We tend to take moments for granted.

We tend to take family, friends and loved ones for granted.

Life is too short not to appreciate every moment, every memory, every person, every lesson etc.

Life is too short not to live like today is our last day.


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