It just takes some effort. There is something about putting your all into things. It takes commitment and extra work to do somethings. When it comes to showing your love and care for others, what will set you apart is the amount of effort you put into things. When you are asked to do something, putting in that extra effort means a lot to others. 
When it comes to relationships, rather platonic or romantic, you never want to do the minimum for others. You want to go above and behind to show your interest and commitment just as yiu would want others to do for you. It is very common for people to come up with excuses as to why they lack putting forth that effort. 
Some may confuse effort with perfection. No one is perfect, we are all human but that is also not a valid excuse to not give your all even in the smallest things. Not just anyone can put effort towards things. No one is asking for the other to be perfect, everyone simply asks for some effort. 


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