Life Lesson #4

Appreciate yourself. Love yourself. Build yourself. 

Growing up in this society, it’s easy to loose sight of the beauty and power that lies within us. Growing up in this day and age it is hard for us to appreciate the amazing creation that we truly are.

With media portraying what beauty is and the standards that society has set forth from happiness to success to love, it’s hard to appreciate ourselves for what we are, do, have and plan on achieving. Depending on those we keep around in our lives, those people will also influence our views of ourselves.

It is easier said than done to not allow others to influence how we feel and see ourselves, but truth be told, the way our loved ones act towards us and what they say about us truly do impact us.

We must never allow others’ definition of who we are become the sole reflection of how we see and feel about ourselves.

Learn to appreciate your strengths along with your weaknesses. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. Learn to appreciate your physical appearance and the depths of your feelings and thoughts. Take some time to reflect on your words and actions. It’s okay to become aware of the bad qualities that lie within us, but take the next step and determine how you are going to go about working towards become a better you, according to your own standards.

And always remember, no one will appreciate you or love you like you appreciate and love yourself.


P.S. Always work on yourself. Write down the qualities you wish to improve on and wish to embody. Work on it.



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