Distance + time= happiness

There’s this peace that comes with distance and time.

As I reflect on my first week or so in Spain, I’ve come to realize the peace I feel within myself and everything else.


For once, I am finally putting myself and my happiness over everything. As I compare how I feel when I’m home versus when I’m away, I’ve realized how toxic “home” is for me (emotionally, mentally and physically). Not entirely, but in the sense that I don’t put myself first or my happiness. I’m always busy and putting others before me. While I was in Tanzania and now in Spain I notice the difference. The difference in how I feel, how I interact with others, but mostly how I feel more like myself.

There’s a lot at home that takes a toll on me to the point that little parts of me disappear. Slowly. I know I’m in control of how I feel but that’s harder said than done.

Taking this year to truly reconnect with my roots, has truly allowed me to simply reconnect with myself. I am able to truly set aside to hear myself think, listen to my heart and body. Remember who I was, who I am and who I want to be.

Sometimes you have to be selfish. I know I leave a lot back “home” but to be completely honest, getting away is the best choice I’ve ever made and the perfect gift I could give myself.

2016 was a rollercoaster of a year for me. The year that took a lot away from who I was and wanted to be. As I went through 2017, I knew I had to do something differently. Change in location was the answer.




Distance and time. I’ve come to learn that being away does help you appreciate some of the things that are part of our every day lives that we tend to take for granted. On the other hand, distance and time help you realize what you are missing or in need of in your normal life. Experiencing new places, different time zones, new people, or simply new cultures puts your wants and needs into perspective. Being exposed to new things had me realized other things that I never knew played a role in my happiness.

Time is always a concept that I pay close attention to. I would rather waste money but never time. Once the seconds, minutes, hours and days have passed you by you can never get those back. I want to dedicate my time to loving myself, growing, while making a difference in the world. I want to make the most of my time, never regretting doing or not doing something. Life’s too short to not experience, live, love and grow.

For me, time away and distance has allowed me to explore and learn myself while most importantly making my happiness a priority.


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