The tears you shed

The tears that your eyes shed aren’t weakness my dear

sometimes the heart is crying out

but we do not hear it

or we ignore it

or we supress it for too long


Once one starts rolling down

the next hundred tears are inevitable


Do not hold it in my dear

It is okay for the heart to cry from time to time

you are human

it’s what they are there for


Let is out my dear

for when the tears come down the cheeks

the pain

the stress

everything that was inside

is suddenly out

and a calmness will come over you


Do not think that crying makes you weak

because it only shows that you are well aware and in touch with who you are

what is going on within you

and you are trying to let things go

it makes you strong.


Do not be afraid to cry

because it is through the tears

of anger

of sadness

of happiness

of confusion

that you find

your answer

your peace



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