About Glenda


Hello everyone! My name is Glenda Sanchez.

I was born in El Salvador and came to the United States at the age of four. From a very young age, I have dreamt of leaving my mark on this world, while helping people along the way. As the first in my family to get an education beyond the third grade, I have faced struggles and challenges that have made me who I am today. Every obstacle that I have encountered thus far and will encounter, I take as an opportunity to grow and learn.

I have already made my mark on this world by becoming the first Gates Millennium Scholar in my home district of Roosevelt on Long Island. Also, as the oldest of four girls, I am determined to set the bar high for my sisters and all the young women out there.

Upon graduating high school, I began my journey to discovering my passions. Through my five years at Hofstra University, I had the opportunity of exploring my different interests. As a result, I changed my major every month. By the time I got to my fourth year at Hofstra University, I realized I really needed to determine if I had explored my interests as much as I could. I then decided I would extend my undergraduate career an extra year. In this extra year, I would study abroad in Madrid, Spain. Throughout my time abroad, I did travel, but I also allowed myself to really check-in with myself and determine what I wanted to due upon graduation. Once I returned back to campus for my last semester, I was able to take the final courses I needed to complete my three majors. I became the first in my family to get a college degree. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. Clearly, I could not narrow it down to one so I just completed all three.



Once, I graduated from Hofstra University in 2018, I went on to begin my graduate studies. Having been awarded the Gates Millennium Scholarship, I was able to afford the opportunity to continue my studies at New York University.

Throughout the two years of the Masters of Art program in School Counseling and Guidance, Pre-K-12, with the Bilingual extension, I challenged myself like never before. Aside from being a full-time graduate student, I was interning at two schools 3-4 days a week (Elementary and High School Level), while also teaching ESL classes 2-3 nights a week, mentoring on weekends, and at times working another part-time job. It was without a doubt the most tired I had ever been but also motivated to learn as much as I could before entering the real world.

Completing my last semester of graduate school, finishing up my internship hours required for state certification and living through a pandemic, definitely added to the experience. Although it was unforeseen, it was a learning experience, to say the least.


During my time interning and working in the school setting, I was able to witness and learn about some of the challenges with which schools are facing that limits the productivity of students and teachers. As a result, I became motivated to set the goal for myself to pursue a doctoral program in leadership.

As I wait to hear back from the program I applied to, I am learning to navigate finding a job through a pandemic whole allowing myself to relax after 7 years of schools and working 2-3 part-time jobs at a time.

Throughout my short life of 25 yeara, I have been afforded the opportunity to explore and experience life while learning about myself and who I want to be. I find that it is through writing that I most feel at home and truly come to understand how I feel and think. Although my relationship with writing is a roller coaster, when I do feel inspired to write I feel whole.

My goal is to make the world better and not simply become another being going through this earth.

“Writing is the window of the soul that is sheltered with words needed to be written down.” -Glenda Sanchez


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