Domestic Violence

The Silent Tears She Cries

Night after Night

Looks Down At Her Scars & Bruises
Questions herself: “why? Why me?
I know I do not deserve this!”
Wants a Way Out
But is too Naïve and thinks its loves
She stays Punch after Punch
Kick after kick
Insult after Insult
Because of this thought of “love”
She doesn’t realize her value
Her power
Her strength
She gets up after every knock down
Thinking it’s the last
But the next one comes in just a blink of an eye
Her kids watch
Her friends know
They see that she is physically drained
Emotionally damaged
No longer laughs
Is no longer herself
She tries to deny it
But it’s so evident
She is unhappy
But puts on a mask
Thinking it will all be ok
She thinks
“Is it really love when my only gain
 Is to endure all this unfair pain
I do nothing wrong but it’s always my blame?!
When I am kicked, shoved, getting hit?
He gets his sexual pleasure
Against my will
I have no say
So I have no choice but to just lay there
Continuously getting raped”
She no longer feels beautiful
All he says is “your ugly,
 You’re stupid
You’re useless”
After hearing it so many times she believes it
She thinks this is all she deserves
Not knowing that this is not “Love”
It’s no longer about us
It’s no longer about our kids
It’s not longer about our relationship
It’s not longer about knowing happiness
It’s all about trying to survive
Living one more day
Will this ever be over?
Will she give up?
Will she make it?
No one really knows
She must stand up for herself
Before she can longer physically stand the pain
But it is not that easy
It can happen to anyone
Young women
Married women
And even men
When love is mistaken for power
When one must bring the other down
No more lives should be lost or put at risk
We must unite and be the voice
Of those lost souls that have lost their power
Finding Heartbeats

We always seem

To look for those things that

Will make out heart beat

It’s hard to find

We search all over

From the depth of the ocean

To the clear blue sky

In each empty corner

That is waiting to be occupied

But all in all

It’s finding the heartbeats

That make our life all a mystery

Finding heartbeats

Blood rushing  through your body

Goosebumps all around

Found in different places

But each heartbeat

Has a reason

It’s always there

Waiting to be found

In different places

Could be different things for each person

It’s all about finding heartbeats

One Step Higher

As we grow

As we mature

With each day that passes by

We are one step higher

Than the day before

We cry

We smile

We laugh

But at the end

We are one step higher

Than the rest

Little by Little

We learn

We grow

And we are one step higher

To becoming a better person

That’s our ultimate goal

When we wake up to a brand new day

To move one step higher

In life

In love

In relationships

In our personal growth

And our journey to finding ourselves

To live better

To become our best possible self.

My Inside self

My inside voice

My inside self

Knows right from wrong

left from right

Has its own mind

its own life plan

My inside self

knows me better than anyone else

Better than I even know myself

Knows all my wants

All my needs

My inside self

keeps me strong no matter what

My inside self

keeps me in check

Recovers my faith and hope

My inside self

is stronger than

My mind itself

My inside self

feels life harder than I realize

it sees the truth

while I just see my dreams

My inside self

is what I will always have

Surprised  to hear myself

When I look at someone

looking sad

It hurts me deep inside

I don’t think about myself

I put the other person first

To heal their wounds

I always tell others

what I wished someone had told me

In my lowest and darkest times

I’m surprised to hear myself

telling others to be strong

when I have been heart broken

I’m surprised to hear my self

telling others about the power of love

telling others I love them

not loving myself first

I’m surprised to hear myself cry

when others share their hard life

it breaks me down

I’m surprised to hear myself  being happy

when on the inside

I’m hurting with pain

Yelling out for help

Sad in the corner

Covering up my pain

I’m surprised to hear myself  strong

when other’s around my are weak

building them up

when I’m breaking down myself

Then I stop

take time out

and just listen to my voice

from another view

not myself


Do you see me?

I am a foreigner

Nobody really knows me

I am a mystery

I am the unknown

I am just a stranger to you

take a look at me

look really closely

What do you see?

I am one who has built a wall

I am one who is an outcast

I am one who has a complex personality

I am one who looks like no one else

Life Now

Life seems brighter

my past maybe scary

but my present is great

taking each day at once

living each day to its fullest

“making each day count”

because I have come to realize that

Tomorrow is never a promise

each day is a gift from God

my future seems bright

just have to learn to let go

just have to learn to ignore the unnecessary

It just takes a smile

to cover or hide

the past

It may be gloomy out

But I decide to make my heart

shine in the darkness

I may not get everything I want

But I do have what I need to survive

What do you do?

when all is wrong?

when all are sad?

what do you do?

when you have no where to go?

when you have no one by your side?

when there is no hope

what do you do?

when you have lost it all?

when your at your lowest point?

how do you come back up?

when you don’t know what to think?

who to trust?

you’ve been betrayed and used

what do you do?

when you lost your love?

when you’ve been heart broken?

is there even a reason to love again?

what do you do?

when you have been hurt

too many times?

is it really worth another try?

do you give up?

what do you do?

when you’re by yourself

and all are against you

what do you do?

when you can’t control what happens?

when you want to forget it all?

when you want to let go of the pain?

what do you do?

Just take a deep breath

Keep calm

and remember that Tomorrow is a new day

Life is

life  is too precious

to live for the bad moments

life is too special

to not appreciate that little things

life is a gift

to not take for granted

life is too great

to suffer

life is just what we make it

so love it

cherish it

live it

life is too wonderful

to not realize what you have

life is too amazing

to let it slip by

life is too honorable

to not admire it

True Color

turn my inside out

flip me upside down

Don’t look at me from the outside

go in deeper

into my heart

into my soul

my true color

the true intensity of my love

you’ll learn to accept me

for who I truly am

despite  the past

on the outside

I’m happy, smiling, and strong

but you know what’s on the inside?

I put on a happy face

a fake smile

to cover up my wounds

I’m crying, yelling out for help

I’m just a little girl

that is scared

but soon I’ll grow into a strong woman


I don’t fit in to any”click”

I find myself standing alone

on the side

by myself

with no friends

no matter what I’m the outcast

we may go from click to click

but can’t fit in

we think we may know who we are

but we truly don’t

we want to find ourselves first

some clicks may want to change us

some clicks may try yo break us down

some clicks make us choose

we tend to choose 1 click

that comes to change us

we become a new person

because we did not stay true ourselves

I rather be the outcast

and stay to myself

in my own little world

Fairy tales

Once Upon a Time

the first words to every fairy tale

always ending with a Happily Ever After

but what happens in between?

before getting to the happily every after

struggles and heartbreaks and heartaches

are also part of the story

you have to work hard

to get what you deserve

for your one and only

it may start off all great

but once things go wrong

does your prince charming try to resolve the problems?

or does he fly away like a bird?

may be it’s time to let him go…

if it’s no worth it to him?

why try then?

After heartbreaks and heartaches

you will learn

who is worth your tears

and who wasted your breath

but before you get to the one

you have to wait and be patient

and he will be worth it all

because before you get to the one

you have to realize the ones that aren’t

that the others did not mean anything

when he comes along

you’ll know it and he’ll know it

he’ll love you back

he’ll come to realize you’re His Cinderella

and then there will be the happily ever after


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